Door County: Traditions of a Rugged Pioneer Past©

The complete visual history of Door County, Wisconsin USA

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360 years of history - 4 seasons of exquisite scenery


Door County as it was ... and as it is

Over 500 archival photos, 1920s and 30s film footage, and contemporary color.
Lively narration, enjoyable for all ages.
Original music score.

Door County: Traditions of a Rugged Pioneer Past©
is as useful as an educational piece for school teachers as it is
a keepsake for generations to come
whether you enjoy visiting, or you've lived here all your life.

56 minutes -- DVD (video still available)

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Chan Harris, beloved editor of the Door County Advocate & great grandson of its founder, was of much support and help to the making of this DVD. To know more about the contents of it, read the review Chan wrote for Voyageur, foremost publication for northeastern Wisconsin history.

Door County place names & their origins

Door County's place names are always asked about by visitors.  "Death's Door," "Brussels," "Nasawaupee...."  Their roots in French and Native American past and early emigrant wishes and hopes are an  intriguing facet of the area's culture. These are stories that come to life in this visual history.  This is a printable page is suitable  for students...and for keeping with your Traditions DVD.

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Door County: Traditions of a Rugged Pioneer Past©.
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